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This morning, a spam-scam arrived claiming that a subscription had been renewed.

Then a few minutes later, we came across a news article that had something in common.

Is it pure coincidence?

FCRO Subsection: 

Dogs, palm trees, a rather individual way of life in the tropics - John McAfee - the chap who, effectively, created the software anti-virus industry - has long been a thorn in the side of the US authorities but exactly why he gets so much attention when so many other slide by is a mystery. Yes, there was something about a gun but now he's in trouble for making comments on Twitter. They say he "fraudulently touted" Initial Coin Offerings. Er.. isn't that tautology?

Only a few days ago, the internet was abuzz with news that John McAfee had taken to Russian TV to explain the ease with which the FBI could break into a phone (or any other device) they wanted. Now he's saying it was all a hoax.

CoNet Section: 

This might just be the most subversive interview ever given on TV. For sure, it's the video the FBI, DoJ and Manhattan DA don't want you to see. But more than that: for all phone and computer users, it's a massive wake-up call. Good morning, John MacAfee, and thank you. We think.

CoNet Section: