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There is something almost sad about Angela Merkel's campaign to remain relevant in world, EU and, even, German politics. Increasingly isolated on all fronts, her political rallies are carefully photographed to give the impression of many supporters rather then the dozens that actually turn up. And she's trying to find pro-EU leaders to cozy up to - in denial of the fact that her brand of EU politics is one of the things most putting the future of the Union at risk. Increasingly strident, demanding, almost hectoring of her audience, Merkel is beginning to sound like an extremist, even if her words speak of a particular form of unity. Then again, she might just be positioning herself for a top EU role.

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AW.. it's so nice to see the hidden depths of affection that Trump and Merkel have for each other. Oh, wait, that might be something different. Let's listen into private chat that never actually happened between AngDon.

Late last year, there were rumours of fundamental financial instability at German bank Deutsche Bank (Deutsche). In September, the German government said it would not provide support for the bank. Speculation was rife as to why but perhaps the strongest was that Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, was already on a sinking raft in heavy political seas. Then Deutsche started doing deals to settle regulatory cases and the sums are adding up to so much that the future of the bank must now be in doubt.

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Angela Merkel pays the price for her rash migration policies as the German population, other domestic politicians and even EU equals say "we told you so."