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Another Boeing has crashed killing everyone on board. Again, it was a new aircraft. Boeing have long had a problem with quality control which regulators have shrugged off or allowed jerry-rigged solutions to be implemented. Why are they allowed to get away with it? Has the airline industry not learned the lessons of the Ford Pinto?

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In late 2017, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau released its "final" report into the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. It was clear that the ATSB considered the issue unresolved but closed. A private enterprise search, with a contingency fee, subsequently ran for several weeks but turned up no further information. In the past few days, Malaysia's Safety Inspection Team 13 operating under the auspices of Malaysia's Ministry of Transport published what is called it's final report - but the transport minister says that, while searches have concluded and semi-final conclusions reached from the evidence gathered over four years, the book is not closed until definitive answers can be given. It's a desperate situation and, for those involved, time isn't healing.

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The group of nations that has been searching the oceans for signs of the lost Boeing 777 that was Malaysian Airlines MH370 say that they have taken all reasonable steps to locate the aircraft and have failed to find any signs of the crash site. There is no doubt that the aircraft has been lost, and little doubt over which ocean it was lost in. But that's all that can be said with any confidence, except that there has been almost no question raised over whether the aircraft itself might have had a fault.

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Basheer Ahmad Maula Sahul Hameed was jailed on 20 May 2015. the 24 year old mechanic conspired with his wife, Nur Shila Kanan, a bank officer to access, the bank accounts of several people who are missing aboard flight MH370.

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