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Money Laundering

Mahmoud Daher, an employee of The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), has today appeared at Downing Centre Local Court charged that he effected unauthorised access to restricted data and uttering a false document contrary to money laundering, etc. law.

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The OECD Working Group on Bribery says that Ireland has failed to act on the Working Group's "recommendation" to make certain that the counter-money laundering law (Criminal Justice (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing) Act 2010) applies to Irish companies that launder the proceeds of bribing foreign officials, even if there is no law relating to bribery in the official's country. The OECD might have misread Ireland's laws.

For too long, those who have a narrow view of how money laundering related matters should be policed and enforced have made ill-informed criticism of Singapore. Primarily originating from the USA's complaint that Singapore does not prosecute enough money laundering offences, the criticism was amplified by the influx of money relocated from, first, Switzerland and then Dubai. Nigel Morris-Cotterill says that the USA should take notice of how Singapore has dealt with BSI Bank.

In 2009, an IRS inspection found "systemic" failures in the money laundering control systems at a small supermarket, Thriftway Food Mart which provided cheque cashing services and the sale of money orders, activities which require it to be registered as a Money Services Business with FinCEN and to impose and maintain appropriate systems. The sole proprietor of the business, who is also its compliance officer, was issued with a warning from FinCEN. So that's all good, then, you might think. Well, ... no.

Israel is at last planning to include tax evasion as an offence within its counter-money laundering laws. It is unjustifiably proud of itself. On the face of it the Bill meets the FATF requirements but underneath the gloss it provides a convenient escape route for the vast majority of Isrealis - and those who may be subject to investigation overseas.

The first Senate hearing into the "alleged" money laundering of USD81 million stolen from the account of the Bank of Bangladesh with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and transfered to accounts with Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC).

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Force India 2016 car courtesy and copyright Force India   There's no secret that brash Indian businessman Vijay Mallya's business model for Force India depended on the success of his other businesses and his relationships with other companies. Kingfisher Airlines crashed (the company, not its planes) despite Mallya's highly publicised claims that they had the best looking stewardesses in the sky. But that was not the only dark cloud in his firmament. This time, it's his own money that's at stake amid allegations of money laundering.

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Hot on the heels of Facebook's decision to reduce user's ability to hide their public profile comes the commercial reason why: Facebook is testing a system that will enable non-contacts to send messages to users if they pay USD1. Thanks for the spam but will users be allowed to say "No thanks?" And will FB breach the Can Spam Act and, even, risk the company and its officers being prosecuted for money laundering?

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It's probably not a great idea for me, an English solicitor (retired) to be publicly harsh about my professional body. But, seriously, is the Law Society of England and Wales contrary or comatose? It really just does not "get" money laundering risks and its latest attempt to update its guidance demonstrates that its attitude is, simply, retarded.

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It's an oldie but a goodie, rather like that phrase much beloved of DJ who used to spin the disks in the 1960s and 70s. There's a massive upsurge in an old-fashioned internet fraud / money laundering scam - and the morons doing it have sent multiple copies to sandbox addresses at World Money Laundering Report, our sister publication and other companies within The Anti Money Laundering Network.

Way to go!

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In 2011, Compliance Complete (Complinet) published a series of articles titled "What's Wrong with Counter-Money Laundering Laws?".

The articles promised that the author, Nigel Morris-Cotterill, Head, The Anti Money Laundering Network, would subsequently supply a draft law designed to improve on existing legislation.

The Law Society of England and Wales has issued an e-mail circular to solicitors referring to acceptable documents for client identification in relation to money laundering. Is it sufficient?

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"This case is a good example of how disregarding reporting and compliance can turn into a crime" : New Jersey District Attorney's Office. But still the USA fails, even in the most blatant cases, to prosecute a bank for money laundering.

Van Brink, the architect of the fraud that was First International Bank of Grenada, World Investors' Stock Exchange and International Deposit Indemnity Corporation, has resurfaced with a Walter Mitty style interview in a Ugandan newspaper