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Last month (see here) LEE Jae-Yong, officially number two at Samsung Electronics Co Ltd but, due to his father's infirmity, the de facto boss was questioned by police in connection with the alleged bribing of South Korean President PARK Guen-Hye. Prosecutors sought an order for an arrest warrant from a Seoul court but the court refused. However, that decision has been overturned on appeal and, in separate proceedings, the President has been suspended. Now LEE is held on remand in case he runs away or tampers with evidence.

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Yesterday morning, the Vice Chairman of a Samsung Group company (and generally considered the de facto chairman of the Group) arrived at the office of the prosecutor investigating a political scandal that is swamping President PARK Guen-Hye and her associates. The investigation is rippling out across Korea's rich, famous and powerful and, in the case of Samsung, is looking at how apparently "good" money may turn out to have been "bad." Can FCROs identify which is which?

We spotted this Samsung advert right inside the main door of a large electrical shop in Kuala Lumpur several weeks after the Galaxy Note 7 was recalled and just after airlines started banning it from flights.

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Whether you call the black and gold cars Lotus after their sponsor or Renault after the tech, they still have their engine manufacturer's logo proudly displayed. Caterham (which has the right to the name Team Lotus but doesn't use it) also carry Renault branding. But for the Korean GP, that's going to change and almost no one outside Korea will know why

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It would be the most anticipated mobile phone launch - bar none - if Samsung wasn't such a media tart that it places PR stories across the spectrum of press and lazy bloggers pounce on their every word, "revealing" "leaks" and providing fodder for indiscriminate search engines that these days are seemingly just as likely to be seeing requests for information on the company's products as they are for porn.

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