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The non-existent board of an imaginary company decide that they won't go to their bank for money, nor their shareholders. Instead, they will do capital raising by an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and that, instead of using intermediaries, they will go it alone.

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Theresa May croaked her way through her keynote speech at the Conservative Party Conference today. To say that it received rapturous applause would be a lie. In fact, it was barely polite. She was trite, buzzword and catch-phrase focused and said absolutely nothing that would have stirred a cup of tea, much less a nation.

This is an entirely fictitious version of the speech she should have given.

Enjoy! The Time Travellers' Guide to Eating Out. Repeatedly

A Satirical Amuse Bouche

Nigel Morris-Cotterill
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Fiction - over 18
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Imagine if you could have the perfect meal in a restaurant. Imagine if something was not quite to your liking you could make the last few hours, minutes or even seconds happen again, and this time you could affect the outcome. In three short, hilarious, scenarios, this book takes you into that world. And each little tale ends unexpectedly, but perfectly.

Available in Paperback and in e-book. Details below.

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Three weeks ago, three young recruits from the FBI's secretive high tech hacking unit sat in their bunker (it's a room above a dry-cleaner's in a side street in Falls Church but don't tell them we know) and pondered the issue of how to break into an iPhone. The FBI has a near-unlimited stock of the phones that they routinely confiscate from criminals but which don't qualify as evidence. And with each of them holding handfuls of the phones, they went to work and, much to the annoyance of the "establishment" that wanted to force Apple to give them access, these three tykes found access. Here's how they did it. Their names have been changed to protect the joke.

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Humour is a powerful weapon and satire is amongst its sharpest blades. When someone said that the pen is mightier than the sword, he may well have had satire in mind.