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With the superficial attitudes of commentators on all sides of the media divide pushing risk and compliance professionals in the direction of their fashion-driven topics, it's useful to remind readers that while they are focussed on the next big thing, past big things remain a threat. Pump and dump is an example of market manipulation and, of course, a predicate crime for money laundering or, even, funding future crime including, possible, terrorist activity. What is even more surprising is that the same names crop up repeatedly but they never go to jail.

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The USA's Securities and Investment Commission pays a share of fines that it receives to those who blow the whistle and a financial penalty results. In August, the second largest award made so far brought the total payout to more than USD100 million.

FCRO Subsection: 

Sung Kook (Bill) HWANG has entered into an agreement - without admitting or denying the allegations - with the USA's Securities and Exchange Commission over the activities of two private funds: Tiger Asia Fund, L.P., and Tiger Asia Overseas Fund, Ltd.

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The USA's Securities and Investment Commission has commenced administrative (i.e. civil) proceedings against Linda Dianne Alexander, a 70 year old living in California, alleging that she has conducted a prime bank investment fraud since 2004 - and in doing so was offering securities despite being unregistered or associated with a registered broker-dealer.

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The Securities and Exchange Commission today sued AMMB Consultant Sendirian Berhad (AMC), a Malaysian investment adviser, alleging that for more than a decade, AMC charged a U.S. registered fund for advisory services that it did not request and that AMC did not provide. The total cost to the company in the USA? USD3,125,000.

The USA's Securities and Exchange Commission is, understandably, delighted: yesterday, it told a Court that USD230 million held in an offshore account in the name of a fund under investigation as a possible ponzi scheme has been transferred to the SEC pending the conclusion of investigations against Highview Point Partners and the operators of the fund.

Today is the 17th May. It's Tuesday. But in the USA, even on the East Coast, it's still Monday evening. That makes the deluge of enforcement announcements that the SEC has issued in the past few hours all the more impressive. Less impressive is that some related to action more than a week ago, and in some cases in February 2011 which renders them of less value for due diligence purposes where freezing orders have been obtained.

The USA's Securities and Exchange Commission has started proceedings against David M Tamman, a lawyer and partner with Greenberg Traurig LLP of Santa Monica, California, alleging improper professional conduct during an SEC examination.

CoNet Section: 

The USA's Securities and Exchange Commission has unanimously voted to approve new rules to significantly curtail "pay to play" practices by investment advisers. Why not call it what it is - corruption?

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