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It didn't rain. Vettel's tech problems in qualifying put him at the back of the grid (and tech problems put Raikkonen out on the grid) and he drove brilliantly, without bullying or cheating, to challenge for third (but then he reverted to type and behaved like an idiot after the race had finished: does he have a heavy left hand, or poor peripheral vision on his left?), Hamilton came second sandwiched between the Red Bulls, Verstaapen, on his 20th birthday weekend, won. This is what F1 is all about, the best racing on the best track in the world. And now, with a heavy heart, it's time to report that F1 in Malaysia is over.

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When the UK started charging purchase tax on cars, Colin Chapman found a loophole: if he sold his Lotus cars in kit form, buyers did not have to pay the tax. Caterham Cars started their business as an early - perhaps the first - dealer for Lotus Cars, building kits of the Lotus Seven for customers who didn't trust themselves to build the car from a kit.

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