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What is street food? If Singapore has its way, it's something that characterises the City state and marks it out as as something different. Malaysia is outraged - but other countries should be up in arms, too.

Special offers available for Black Friday via the link below have an interesting effect: if you fly from London or Manchester, a flight to SIN costs GBP490 but a flight to other destinations via SIN can cost less. The offers are across all classes.

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Yesterday, Singapore passed its Serious Crimes and Counter-Terrorism (Miscellaneous Amendments" Bill. The Lion City's approach to suspicious assets has logic on its side, but it doesn't work in practice. Here is WMLR's analysis of the relevant parts of the Act and its consequences, including risk for compliance / risk officers.

Sebastian Vettel, F1's spoiled brat, had tears in his eyes as he got a hug from Ferrari Team Principal Maurizio Arrivabene. For his part, Arrivabene, already subject to some kind of gagging order from his bosses, has some explaining to do and he'd better come up with something better than his last excuse: a third party delivered sub-standard components and the team didn't notice before they failed. But it might be that the real reason that things are going tits up for the German driver are more intangible than the latest official reason of a failing spark plug. Renault and Torro Rosso are being taught a lesson, too. Welcome to the mystical East.

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Let's be clear: I've lived in Malaysia, I love Malaysia, I'd like to live there again. It's a wonderful country full of absolutely lovely people (with a few crazy exceptions) and in the ten years I lived there it began to restore its fortunes as a regional leader, a position it had somehow lost in the 1980 until the mid 1990s. Amongst its crowning achievements was the astonishing Sepang circuit. But, due to a succession of errors of judgement, this amazing place managed to lose its pole position as the regional home of motor racing, surrendering without a fight to newcomer Singapore which doesn't even have a track but has a can-do, will-do attitude that seems to have completely eluded the Malaysian authorities. The reasons, it saddens me to say, are plain to see and are a mix of the neglectful and the deliberate. Things have become so bad that I'm in Malaysia but I'm not going to the race.. read on to find out why I and many...

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It's easy to blame Sebastian Vettel for so many incidents, especially where he collides with another car. He's a horrible person and he's aggressive when he shouldn't be. But for once, although he was highly aggressive in the first corner of this year's Singapore Grand Prix, and he caused a crash which took out his team-mate Raikkonen, Verstappen and Alonso and himself and put Hamilton into the lead, it wasn't entirely his fault.

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The appeal in Abdul Ghani bin Tahir -v- the Public Prosecutor of Singapore resulted in the upholding of the conviction but a reduction of 50% in the sentence. The case draws together principles that have been developed in a number of jurisdictions and should be regarded as a leading case across all jurisdictions. Even more interesting, it involves a chartered accountant and glaring failures in any form of financial crime risk management system.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore has today announced that it has made prohibition orders against a former Goldman Sachs director and plans to make orders against three other persons as a result of their involvement in the 1MDB scandal.

Former Coutts / RBS staff who moved to BSI and caused both organisations to be the subject of serious disciplinary action have been jailed for short periods for their deliberate avoidance of counter-money laundering regimes.

The Law Society of Singapore has announced a shake up in the training regime and measures to help those returning to practice and foreign lawyers seeking transfer in a bid to become a regional centre for law.

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