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The UK's Financial Conduct Authority has, far too late, waded into the scandal over businesses that offer completely unnecessary, and very costly, services relating to the mis-selling of Personal Protection Insurance. The industry around selling what amounts to little more than form-filling assistance and which has collected in excess of GBP1,000 million, has force-fed advertising and is now ramping up the pressure on those who have not yet made a claim. The FCA has countered with its own advert. It's rubbish and in the wrong place.

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We dislike Taboola's low-grade, spammy, click-bait rubbish that populates so many websites. We specifically use an ad-blocker code to make sure it is not displayed on any of our machines (||taboola.com). We really should get round to blocking it at router level. At some point, we've made that clear. But Taboola is so utterly stupid that it thinks spamming us with a suggestion we actually carry the very material we don't ever want to see is a good idea. The fun bit is at the very start of their spam, reproduced here, complete with addresses, so spam-harvesters can have a great time with them.

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