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Similar e-mails are being distributed naming businesses that it is common for financial services businesses to deal with. SWIFT and Western Union are the bait for the unwary. HSBC in Dubai makes an appearance, too, to increase the credibility of the scheme.

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Some years ago, payment system provider SWIFT launched KYC Registry, a membership-scheme which provided data which the company gathered about financial institutions and which provided at least comfort to those engaged in correspondent banking. The product was in competition with services from Banker's Almanac, now owned by software house Accuity. Swift says that the way its information is sourced has changed and now, within strict confines, the platform is regarded as "community driven." SWIFT say this means that the data should be open to the community. What, exactly, does that mean?


 Midland Bank Griffin Logo HSBC's takeover of Midland Bank was a nightmare of regulatory challenges. Now, 25 years after eventually being taken over, the last little bit of Midland identity is being removed.


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