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tax havens

UK Labour (socialist) Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is using his attack on the Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron as a smoke screen for an attack on the wealth of all families in the UK, including Labour's own voters in furtherance of his hard left ideas that are closer to communism than the (relatively) benign socialism of even the radical Blair/Brown government.

There is a media flurry as ill-informed media organisations jump up looking to unsettle governments by showing that national leaders have used off-shore vehicles for asset protection and tax avoidance. Some may also have used them for tax evasion. In addition to politicians, business leaders and ordinary families are revealed as using such techniques. But behind the over-excited and sometimes inaccurate reporting, lies a remarkably unremarkable story that starts with a theft of confidential data.

If data were goods, then the media would be dealing in stolen property.

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From World Money Laundering Report Vol, 1 No. 1
October 1999

Offshore financial centres in the Caribbean have never been under any misapprehension about what onshore financial regulators think of them.