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The UK government has set up a new body to deal with complaints against lawyers. The six-figure job has just been advertised - with the stipulation that it must go to a non-lawyer.

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Beresfords, the law firm based in the UK's Midlands that became the favourite of the UK's Union movement for claims by employees against employers has been found to have been more interested in its own commercial interests than in acting in the best interests of its clients. Its partners have been struck off.

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It may not be scientific research but the word-of-mouth system around South East England last week was that the property boom was already in the grip of a downturn as the IMF issued a report saying that it was all rosy. Last year, the UK housing market, according to some reports, soared 25% by average house price value.

This list applies to all financial services businesses operating in the UK and their overseas branches and subsidiaries.

When it published the consultation paper on Proceeds of Crime in June 2000, the Cabinet Office seemed to be stealing the thunder of the Home Secretary, who had already announced his department's approach to proceeds of crime. And when the Queen's Speech was read, it seemed that the Government which famously shouts out that it wants government to demonstrate joined up thinking demonstrated that it hasn't got it even at the highest levels.


From World Money Laundering Report Vol. 2 No. 1 published 22 January 2000

The UK’s FSA has launched it a document called “Financial Services Authority – a New Regulator for the New Millennium”. Written in the kindergarten level English that now seems to be essential for all government public documents, the paper is not a consultative document but more a statement of intent. As such, it should be read against the background of the Financial Services and Markets Bill (“FSMB”).