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Similar e-mails are being distributed naming businesses that it is common for financial services businesses to deal with. SWIFT and Western Union are the bait for the unwary. HSBC in Dubai makes an appearance, too, to increase the credibility of the scheme.

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A scam-spam has been received from the fake internet domain WESTEMUNION.COM

(see update, below)

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One would think that when the New York Department of Financial Services, known for massive penalties against foreign, especially European banks, to say nothing of "perp walks" and heavy handed and highly prejudicial media statements, announces a penalty of USD60 million that it's for lightweight failures. Nothing could be further from the truth and the reality demonstrates why negotiated settlements are nearer to bribes than to justice, says Nigel Morris-Cotterill.

When the Department of Justice and others settled criminal proceedings against Western Union there were two special features: one, liability was admitted and two "ensure that its agents around the world will adhere to U.S. Regulatory and [counter-money laundering] standards."

Is this doable while remaining profitable or does the settlement mean inevitable de-risking and closing in some markets?

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It's bizarre. A press release received today headed "Attorney General Xavier Becerra Announces Settlement With Western Union For Wire Fraud Scams, Encourages Victims to Come Forward" refers to a case that the US Department of Justice announced settled on 19th January this year under the headline "Western Union Admits Anti-Money Laundering and Consumer Fraud Violations, Forfeits USD586 Million in Settlement with Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission." In the DoJ announcement it says that the California settlement is part of the overall deal. However, there is some interesting stuff...

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It's supposed to be one of the primary alternatives to using banks for money transfer but an experience in trying to send and receive money using global remittance companies Western Union and MoneyGram has shown that the services does not live up to the hype.